Children’s Book Design

11 - 26.March.2021

This course will guide you through the role of Children’s Book Designer. From project conception to seeing the finished result in bookshops, we will look at all parts of the process including balancing stakeholders, market positioning, hiring illustrators, printing deadlines and the all important cover design. We will also look at routes into publishing and how to make your design work stand out in a crowded sector.

- Rosaleen Lihou
illustration, publishing, book design

Section One (11.March)content:

  • Webinar introduction
  • Project conception - how a book comes to life
  • Stakeholders and how to balance their needs in your design
  • Details of three kinds of illustration book trend forecast
  • Section 2 preview
  • Details of design/ homework brief
  • Questions & discussion

Section Two (18.March) content:

  • Webinar introductionHow to get hired as an illustrator (two parts)
  • The process of hiring an illustrator AS A BOOK DESIGNER
  • A guide to Picture book internal layouts with examples (two parts)
  • Section 3 preview
  • Details of design/ homework brief (about internal layout design)
  • Questions & discussion

Section Three (26.March) content:

  • Webinar introduction
  • Designing a successful cover: what works/ themes/ trends
  • The stages of cover design
  • Routes into the publishing industry (two parts)
  • Details of design/ homework brief (about cover design)
  • Questions & discussion

Studying in the UK
Working in the UK


In this webinar, Nga will be sharing tips on applying to the top fashion design courses in the UK, as well as tips on selecting and successfully getting the right design internships for aspiring creatives who wish to study and work in this industry.

- Nga X. Le Pham
fashion, textiles, portfolio training, career guiding


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Rosaleen Lihou
Product Designer at LUSH, Senior Designer at Penguin Random House Children’s and Founder of Born Lucky.
Alister Shapley
Nga X. Le Phem